Glen Coe Magic

Glen Coe Magic

It was a cloudy day (again) in Scotland.  This time in the town of Callander, a quaint but nice town in the gateway to the Trossachs, the first Scottish national park. The B&B we stayed in was the Crags Inn, but not a climber’s place, but the name was right.  Tomorrow was all about Glen Coe.

We slept in late and I went down for the traditional Scottish breakfast but I admit, I did skip the Haggis (yuck!). Eli didn’t want breakfast but we found a market soon after that carried blueberry muffins, so he is set for days (he says).  Finally out over the Dukes Pass to Loch Lomond.  At the top of the pass, I finally realized what was nagging at me about the view.  I was thinking it was nice and all, but there just seemed to be something missing… hmmm.  Once I thought about it, I finally figured it out:  there were no crags!  Yeah, I guess I like the rocky buttresses and not just remote hilly swoons.  I guess that’s why I spent more time trashing myself on rock climbs instead of hiking.

I relaxed, shifted the car into third gear and smiled, happy that I was able figure out my uncertainty.

The inn keep mentioned an Inn to stop at for lunch and Eli managed my need to stop as we had (well, I had) onion soup at Drover’s Inn just north a bit from Loch Lomond.  About half way up the Loch, the scenery was getting more rocky and I began to grin a bit more.

My grin continued as we got to the pass over to Glencoe.  The mountains (rocky ones!) were all around and the view, ah the view.  Eli was very patient as I stopped the car about 80 times to the village.  I guess you’ll have to look at the slide show to get the idea, but I was having a great time.

We got a bit lost trying to find our B&B in Glencoe, only to find out it was really not in Glenoce, but about 5 miles north.  Only to be compounded by an accident which closed down the highway for hours so we just had to sit in a queue and wait‚  We tried the “sneaky penguin” route around the accident by going down to KinLochLevin and around Loch Levin, but too no avail.  We were stuck.

We finally trundled into our B&B at 7:30 and missed any shot at dinner‚  My dinner was a beer and Eli a coke.  Urk!.  In the end, it would have been better to stay outside Glencoe at the Clachaig Inn, but here we are, in a wonderfully quiet house called the Glendiven.