The Alpine Journal started in print as the “Adirondack Alpine Journal,” published in Keene Valley, NY – the heart of the Adirondacks. While it began as a passion and hobby, it remained until the end of Issue 8, when the business model to keep going was unsuccessful.  So back in 2008, I re-launched it online and re-branded it as the Alpine Journal.

Why Alpine Journal, you may think? Perhaps it was best said in the very first issue of the Adirondack Alpine Journal and is still relevant today. Here is the mission of the Journal, written back in December 1983.

Alpine Journal Mission

It is very frustrating, at times, when you observe the large gap in current outdoor periodicals. In one case, a magazine such as Climbing, Mountain (no longer published), or Backpacker may interest you immensely, but it is written with a national and international coverage. one wishes for more of a regional information source. Adirondack Life is a wonderful magazine because it is concerned with New York’s North Country. But it’s information is very general in content. As a climber and mountain lover, I must wait for two or three issues until I can read about cross country skiing.

So Adirondack Alpine Journal has been established to bridge the gap in literature and so repress our frustration. This journal is concerned in the issues the confront folks who like to go “High Up” in the Adirondacks. Whether in climbing the mountain with a day pack or a rope, one will appreciate the current information produced here within. We wish to offer various articles in each issue. Such topics as:

  • Equipment
  • Trails
  • First Ascents and New Climbs
  • Clothing Review
  • Interviews
  • Mountain History
  • Book Reviews
  • Information on Activities
  • Classified Ads
  • Advertising
  • Fiction
  • Maps of the Area

These categories are our basic direction of information. I stress that it is most important for others to express their insight and knowledge in this journal, and trust that they will be so moved to send some ideas or writing to us for publication.